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One day, our founding heroes (Solid & Snake) were playing a friendly game of basketball with another fellow chum. The fun, however, came to a halt when they were challenged to a game of Donkey which ended up being a regular fucking game of basketball. Our heroes needed a mighty team name that would put any opposing force to ruin, and that's when the Grey Sixerz name was born. Proud of their new name, they set out to destroy the opposing team, but as fate would have it, they failed since they never had any basketball skills to begin with. Deciding that basketball as well as every other sport was not their strong point, the Grey Sixerz have now formed into a full-on internet crime syndicate, and we know bad. Don't be a fucking choir boy. If you think you've got the lightning force in your veins, join us.

Get in contact with Solid at brak773@ameritech.net if you have any questions about whether you're thug enough or how to tie your shoes.
arf, bitches, boom, boots, destruction, dmx, dropping bombs, furries (hating), hate, invading, lightning, linkin park, meatel gears, missions, pacman, solid snake, solidified, stealh